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Sirs, what must I do to be saved? and they said,

Believe on


and thou shalt be saved and thy house.

Acts 16:30




THERE IS NOT ANOTHER BIBLE LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD *This King James Holy Bible is unique in that it has every word where it first appears in the scripture in BOLD TYPE, and every word that appears only one time in scripture in BOLD UNDERLINED TYPE for immediate recognition.

*Every chapter is "named and numbered".

*Bro. Mann's comments entitled - "First Mention Nuggets" - appear AFTER each particular book of the bible to maintain the integrity of the scripture.



COUPON PASSWORD – the only bold word in PSALM 126


the only bold word in JOB 25




that John 13 is the “1010th” chapter of the bible from Genesis One. The number sequence yields much fruit as you study. The study helps at the end of each book will point out many of these “Nuggets”.

John 13 is also the “81st” chapter of the New Testament from Matthew One and it is associated chronologically with the book of Proverbs from Gen.

The only mention word “disciplesappear in underlined bold type, whereas the first mention of the word “towel” is in bold type without the underline.

This allows immediate recognition of first mention and only mention words in the scripture.



Notice that Hebrews 12 is the “1145th” chapter from Genesis 1 and it is the “216th” chapter from Matthew 1.
It is associated chronologically from Gen. 1 with the book of “Isaiah”
The ONLY MENTION in the bible of “finisher”, “despising”, “scourgeth”, and “bastards” are
in bold type and underlined

The Entire Collection of Brother Mann's 14 Books -
Also Includes the Paperback First Mention Study Bible

        What is First Mention?

The Law of FIRST MENTION of a word in the King James A.V. 1611 sets the tone, it’s associations and the definition of the word throughout the rest of the Bible. This compilation of the words of the Bible shows you where the word is located as it appears in Scripture, with the quote of that word as it is found in the English text.

My interest in this truth was nurtured  by the man who led me to the Lord Jesus Christ, and of whom I have since that day considered to be my pastor Dr. Mickey Carter, Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church, and founder of Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, Florida, and another great influence is the Bible teacher and author  Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida who has authored 200 plus books and pamphlets on the Holy Bible (Bible Baptist Bookstore, Pensacola, Florida.) Both of these men taught me that the King James Holy Bible is the word and words of the living God and that he gave it to us just as he wanted us to have it in the end time, universal language of English.  I confess, I believe the same thing. I hope this work will be of benefit to you as you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Vol. Two is a large 400 – 8.5 x 11 page book, packed with what scoffers call “coincidences” in the bible. From JOB to REVELATION

What is First Mention?

The Law of FIRST MENTION of a word in the King James A.V. 1611 sets the tone, it’s associations and the definition of the word throughout the rest of the Bible. This compilation of the words of the Bible shows you where the word is located as it appears in Scripture, with the quote of that word as it is found in the English text.

 I hope this work will be of benefit to you as you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.



God's fingerprints are seen in every
chapter and verse numerical address.


“Number Nuggets, One”

100 – 8 x 6 pages dealing with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 40,66, 666, 1611 and above.

The Meaning of NUMBERS are proven out in the scriptures:


Two-Witness – Division, Three-Trinity, Godhead, Resurrection, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Light,
Four-Earth, Time, Seasons, Five-Death, Grace,
Six-Man, Mankind, Son of man, Seven-Perfection, Completeness, Maturity, Son of God, Oath, Eight-New Beginnings, Nine-Fruitfulness, Prayer, the Holy Ghost, Ten-Gentiles, Human Government, Eleven-Tribulation, Disorder, Confusion, Twelve-Hebrews, Israel, Kingdom of Heaven (physical),
Thirteen-Rebellion, Wickedness, Evil, Kingdom of Darkness, False Religion, Satan, Sixteen-Love, Seventeen-Victory.

“Number Nuggets


The Number of Man.

146 pages packed with the “coincidences” in the Bible as it reflects on the number of man.
Man was created on the 6th day,
The word man appears

6 times in Gen. 6,

The 6th book of the bible “Joshua” (6 letters) is the first book named after a man.

Genesis through Revelation



“Number Nuggets SEVEN”

 The number of “Completion, Perfection, and Oath”.

Genesis to Revelation

The number SEVEN is a marvelous number in scripture

The SABBATH, SHABOT, is the SEVENTH, last or complete day, there will be 7,000 years of human history at the end of the Millennium and the beginning of the Great Day of Eternity, the eighth day.

When God declares a thing, and ‘SWEARS’ by himself that means that he has ‘SEVENED’ himself, and he can’t get out of it.

This book is a gathering of those ‘NUGGETS’ in the scripture that relate to the number SEVEN. God always deals with SEVENS in the bible, the lists of SEVEN things are massive in scripture.



The number for “Rebellion”

400 pages on the number of rebellion, sin, Satan, “the Antichrist” (13 letters), “Judas Iscariot” (13 letters) and everything evil or wicked.

13 is the 6th prime number, 6 is the number for man, the numbers 13 and 6 are joined at the hip in scripture. Fallen Man (6), and Rebellion, (13) is a spiritual train-wreck if you ever saw one.

Genesis through Revelation


Is the story of the life of Joseph who is THE greatest type of Christ in the King James Holy Bible.


“A Closer Look At Esther”

32 page booklet is packed, dealing in type and figure, the  “Rapture of the church, the time of “Jacob’s Trouble” (13 letters), “The Antichrist” (13 Letters) and the 2nd Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The seventeenth book of the King James Holy Bible.

The last, and second book in the bible to be named after a woman. The first was the eighth book entitled – RUTH.

The book of Esther contains in type, the Rapture of the church, the 7-year tribulation period of the Jews, the 2nd Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Millennial, or one-thousand-year reign of Christ. These events are clearly laid out in Esther in the correct premillennial, dispensational order of scripture.

I am a dirty dog
Yes, I am a dirty dog according to 99% of all major denominations in America that have taught for years that a Christian is under the law of tithing.

  I refuse to teach that after the cross believers, in the Lord Jesus Christ, are under any obligation to keep any law, the Law of Moses, or Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, or any other denomination which is contrary to Pauline doctrine for saved people living on the resurrection side of the cross.

Is tithing a Bible doctrine? Yes, it is. Is the Bible doctrine of tithing applicable to the Christians after the cross? 

No, it is not! 

It is no more applicable to the Church Age Christian than the doctrine of burnt offerings, or Sabbath keeping.  The Christian is not now, nor ever has been, under the law of tithing; and I will explain why that is so in the following pages.


An observation and documenting of the unique verse structure of the book of Revelation.

The King James Bible is supernatural, and has God’s fingerprints all over it.

 “ISAIAH – 66 Chapters – 66 books” 

168 – 8 x 6 pages documenting the correlation of the chapter to the book that it represents.  Isaiah 1 reflects Genesis,

Isaiah 2 reflects Exodus,

Isaiah 3 reflects Leviticus, etc

*There are a little over 31,000 words in Isaiah; there are a little over 31,000 verses in the King James Bible. 

*There are 66 chapters in Isaiah; there are 66 books in the King James Bible, each chapter corresponding to that particular book number.  

*Isaiah knew there would be 66 books in the Bible, no more no less.

*There is a natural division in Isaiah at chapter 39 and 40.  Isaiah knew that there would be 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament.

Isaiah knew that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, would show up AFTER 39 books were written, and there would be 27 more written after he showed up.


26 – 8 x 6 pages dealing with the 27 occurrences of the words and phrases that appear in SUPER BLOCK CAPITAL letters in scripture.

This book is written with the intent to highlight one of the marvelous “coincidences”, as the scoffers would say, found in the text of the bible.

These are words that appear in the bible that are written with all BLOCK CAPITAL letters or what I call “SUPER CAPS”.  There are twenty seven of these occurrences found in the bible and they create their own message within the book of God.  They appear “randomly” (Bible believers know that there is nothing random about the word of God, the Lord has it mapped out beautifully) throughout the Bible and number anywhere from one to thirteen words in the cluster.


Available for Baptist Camp Meetings, Bible Conferences, Revivals, Youth Camps, and all Church Services.


Bro. Kevin Mann

is a saved King James Bible Believing Baptist.

He has been a preacher, and student of the Bible for forty years.

He was born again as an 18 year old dope-head without hope and without God.

The Lord Jesus Christ saved him, and changed his life, he has never been the same since.

The Lord Jesus Christ will save any sinner that comes to him by repentance and faith.

Bro. Mann is convinced, through diligent reading and studying the scripture, that the King James Holy Bible is God’s word, and words, perfect, inerrant, and supernaturally preserved, just as God wanted them to be, in the last universal language of English, prior to his soon return.

The King James Bible is scripture!

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